What are the Benefits of Modern Pet Boarding Software

Pet Resort Owners and Managers – have you ever had this issue?…

You have a very busy day ahead, there are customers lining up out the door with their dogs and cats waiting to check in and suddenly there is a glitch with the Pet Resort Software you are using.

“Damn!” you think. “It is going to take until tomorrow morning to get this fixed! I just can’t afford that time right now.”

The Problem

Until now most Software for Pet Resorts has been written for and is supported out of the USA or UK. If you try to call from Australia – of course they are asleep! To get through you will have to call in the night here. Well what about email? You may experience a similar issue – replies to your support requests can take overnight. So what if they need to remote into your computer to fix something or assist you? Do you want to stay back late at work?

If you have been running a Kennel or Cattery for quite a few years you may have come across another problem. Traditionally Pet Resort Software has been installed locally on your office computer and possibly shared to other computers on your network. With Installed Software like this have you ever had issues after your Windows or Mac Computer updated overnight? What about when the software or database had to be updated? The problem here is that your computer is always different to those owned by other Pet Resorts. With installed software there is no control on how to run the software in the ideal environment.

What about backups? They are really important with locally installed software. If you run software like this you will know the added pain in remembering to backup your data everyday and taking it off-site in your handbag or case.

Thankfully there is a much better way.

The Solution

A better solution to supporting your Kennel or Cattery would be to select or move to Software that has been designed, developed and supported in Australia. You need to be able to call during Australian Eastern Standard Time with your support question or request and get a Support Representative on the other end of the phone. You want an Australian person to reply to your email request quickly and efficiently.

Imagine that issue in the first paragraph. If you have someone supporting you and getting your issue solved then you can quickly check in those customers that are waiting and maintain your awesome customer service record!

So what about the problem with locally installed software. How is that problem solved? Well Modern Software is now using all the benefits that the Internet brings. Instead of installing and running the software on your computer, you simply open your web browser and login!

Every time you login there may be new features available without having to do anything! The software now runs on a managed server. Backups and data protection are all taken care for you so you save that time out of your day immediately.

Any Recommendations?

Pet Manager has been built to solve these issues. Pet Manager has been built in and is supported from Queensland, Australia. You can actually call Pet Manager Support (07 5446 5701) when you need them! Send through an email and get a snappy response.

Pet Manager is Modern Software that will work in any browser including on your Android Phone, Windows Phone or Apple iPhone, Android Tablet, Windows Tablet or Surface or Apple iPad as well as any type of computer with a modern browser. If you have Safari, Firefox, Chrome or other popular browsers, you can use Pet Manager.

Backups are all automatic and handled for you – forget trying to remember to backup at the end of the day. Your data is encrypted and made secure and your important data is hosted in Australia.

If you are a Pet Resort Manager and are looking for a solution – have a look at Pet Manager.

It was purpose made for your Pet Resort – Modern, beautiful and functional.

Try a 60 day no obligation trial and see for yourself!