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Many common questions have been answered in our FAQ below. Please scroll down and see if we have the answers you require…

  • Is There a Setup Fee?

    No. We do not charge a setup fee and never will.

  • Do I need a credit card in order to signup?

    No. We don’t require any form of payment to setup a FREE 30 day trial account.

  • What happens at the end of my 30 day FREE trial?

    If you find Pet Manager is as beneficial to your business as many other Pet Resorts have found then you can simply continue with the paid product. If not, your account will become inactive and you won’t be charged.

  • I am not a technical person. Will I be able to use the system easily?

    Pet Manager has been designed in collaboration with Pet Resort Managers to be simple to use, but with all of the functions you need. Even if you are technically challenged you will find our product is suited to you.

  • Why is Pet Manager cheaper than other products on the market?

    We listened to our customers. Affordable Price is an important factor in today’s financial climate. We offer some of the best features in Kennel & Cattery Software on the market at a very reasonable price. We also offer even more affordable versions for small and medium sized businesses with a limited of 10 or 30 runs and all the awesome features of Pet Manager.

  • I run a Smaller Kennel or Cattery - Can I get the software cheaper?

    Yes! We offer 3 different versions for all sized Pet Resorts. Unlike most subscription software – you only pay for what you use! The Starter Plan offers up to 10 runs, Standard Plan offers up to 30 runs and the Premium Plan offers Unlimited runs. The 10, 30 and unlimited runs are per area so with the starter plan you can have 10 kennel runs, 10 cattery runs and 10 daycare places. Awesome!

  • Do I Need to Install the Software?

    No you don’t need to install or update anything. Pet Manager is a completely web-based product. All you need is an internet connection and a modern browser. Simply load the website and the complete interface is online.

  • What is the Difference between Software installed on my computer and an online product like Pet Manager?

    Software installed on your computer requires updating everytime changes are made to the software. You are also responsible for backing up your data every day. Should something happen to your computer you may need to recover from a backup and could possibly lose data. Your information is also only available when you are in the office.
    With online software like Pet Manager, you don’t have to worry about installing or updating anything or even backing up. All that is done for you. All you need is a modern web browser such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome. If your computer is out of action – swap to a new one or a tablet and keep working immediately! You can also access the software from anywhere in the world!

  • Is my data backed up?

    Absolutely. We take data security and availability very seriously. We automatically backup your data every day.

  • What is the maximum number of runs?

    This is one of the benefits of Pet Manager. We offer a 10 run starter edition, a 30 run small business and unlimited runs edition. These runs can be in kennels, cattery and daycare so you get 10,30 or unlimited PER area!

  • I already use Software to manage my Pet Resort. Can I import my data from my existing Software?

    In most cases we can import key information from your existing system. Please contact us with details of your current software product for more details.

  • How Does the Pet Manager Subscription Software work?

    After your 30 day trial you will be prompted to either enter your credit card details for simple monthly payments. You can view your invoices in the system at any time. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time with no cancellation fee.

  • Do you charge a transaction fee on subscriptions?

    No. You pay the advertised price and no more. There are no additional credit card fees on Pet Manager subscriptions.

  • If I change my computer or the office computer dies will I lose any data?

    This is one of the main benefits of online software. Simply bookmark the website on the new computer and keeping working where you left off. Even load the site on an iPad, Tablet or phone in the meantime.

  • Can my existing and new customers make a booking online?

    Yes. If you want this functionality you can take booking requests directly from your own website into the system. This removes a lot of admin work in entering information. Don’t worry though – these bookings are requests only and are not approved until you login and approve them.

  • What Payment Types Do You Accept?

    We accept Visa, Visa Debit and Mastercard.

  • How Do I Send a Newsletter to My Customers?

    We have an integration to Mailchimp. This allows you to synchronize all of your customers over to send them a monthly newsletter. Mailchimp handles all the unsubscribe requests allowing you to keep sending your information emails through Pet Manager

  • Do You Integrate to Any Accounting Packages?

    We have one of the most comprehensive integrations to Xero Online Accounting. All of your customers, invoices, payments, overpayments and credit notes all flow through automatically if you purchase our Xero addon. There is even an accounting dashboard in Pet Manager so you can see and fix any sync issues.

  • Can My Customers Pay Their Invoices Online?

    Yes! We have an integration to Stripe Online Payments. You can setup a Stripe Account and link it to your Pet Manager Account. Your customers will then have a simple button to pay their invoices directly online. All payments are recorded automatically in Pet Manager.

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