Drag and Drop on Scheduler


Welcome to the first major update for June 2019!

This update includes a new Pet Friendly loading icon when you are loading data and reports. What do you think..? We love it!


Drag & Drop Bookings on the Scheduler

The most highly voted for new feature for Pet Manager in the last months has been to be able to Drag & Drop Bookings.

Well we have made that a reality! You can now drag & drop bookings vertically between pens on the scheduler.

Please note: You can only drag vertically and change the pen, you cannot change the dates of the booking by dragging horizontally.

To use this functionality, simply open the Booking scheduler, hold the mouse clicked on the booking you wish to adjust, and move the mouse until the booking appears in the desired pen.

Pricing may be recalculated if you drop into a pen with a different price. In this case, click on the booking to see the new charges and consolidate if required.

GDPR (EU Requirements)

As Pet Manager will be expanding into the UK in the coming months, we have built in some aspects of our program to meet GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Requirements in the EU (European Union).

The GDPR is focused on improving the privacy, security and transparency of handling personal data online. You can read more about the GDPR and the specific requirements here: https://gdpr-info.eu/

GDPR Export

Here’s a brief outline of the changes to Pet Manager for GDPR.

  • New GDPR Export action in Edit Customer dropdown on Customer view
    • This action will download a PDF with the customer data and their booking history. Pets, invoices, payments and booking notes are not shown.
  • New GDPR Remove action in Edit Customer dropdown on Customer view
    • This action will remove/redact all personal information on the customer including name, email, phone, address and all customer and booking notes.
      Non identifiable information including pets, bookings, invoices and payments are left untouched.
    • Once a customer has been GDPR removed, it is marked inactive and can no longer be edited, or have any bookings created on it.
  • New “Consent To Contact” field on Customer
    • This checkbox will be enabled by default on all existing/new customers.
    • It is enabled by default in the Remote Booking widget, but can be toggled off from there.
    • Customers who don’t consent to contact will show a warning on Customer view and Booking view.
    • E-Mails/SMS can not be sent to customers who don’t consent to contact using the system, including automated E-Mails.
    • Customers who don’t consent to contact will also not appear on Mail List export or for Mailchimp Export.


If you are a UK customer and want to trial our awesome Pet Boarding Software then fill out the form our this page and let’s get started!