Check out the comprehensive list of features we offer below. Every month this list grows with new features – often those voted on by you – our customers…

Customer & Pet Management

  • Unlimited customer and pet records
  • Comprehensive Customer record (CRM) including: Address, Phone, Email, Secondary Contact info (e.g. husband and wife), emergency contact, vet and more
  • Specify Customer Lead Source (Facebook, Vet, Google etc.)
  • Specify Customer Types e.g. Pensioner, VIP and create special pricing based on type
  • Set Customer Alerts for messages between staff
  • Complete booking history
  • Complete transaction history – invoices, payments, credit notes etc.
  • Monitor current financial status including outstanding invoices & credits
  • Record vaccination records, track vaccination expiry dates, upload pdf or jpg image, archive old vaccinations, show vaccination alerts & send vaccination reminders
  • Record notes about the customer and pets
  • Send Pet Postcards with email updates and photos of pets
  • Manage bookings
  • Send automated emails and SMS (SMS credits required)
  • Full Email and SMS log – see what was sent and when
  • Specify Vet and specific vet for each vaccination
  • GDPR Compliance – export and remove

Dashboard - Today at a Glance

Interactive clickable tiles show today’s information including:

  • Remaining Checkins/checkouts,in-house occupancy, website bookings,invoices,payments, taxi pickups/drop offs,pets moving pens today, dietary and medical notes for in-house pets
  • Quick checkins and checkouts information tables
  • Graph of checkins & checkouts
  • Search for a customer
  • Quick link to Scheduler
  • Clickable Widgets in header of every page with website bookings, in-house, checkins, checkouts, accounting (if linked to Xero), SMS Credits


  • Whole month, split month and weekly view
  • View standard and split bookings (move during stay)
  • Rollover for full booking details including: dates,pets,notes,alerts
  • Show AM or PM checkins/checkouts
  • Drag and drop pen changes
  • Start Booking by clicking on pen and date
  • Separate schedulers for Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding, Day Care, Other Animals (or training)
  • Complete set of schedulers for each site in multi-site version

System, Security and Other Features

  • System Availability – Auto-scaling, high availability servers in separate physical locations ensuring Pet Manager stays online
  • Backup – Daily automatic offsite backup of all of your data
  • Logging – Log of user that created and updated bookings, customers & pets
  • Users – unlimited number of users and user groups (e.g. specific user for general staff who cannot see financial reports). Single user account can be logged in on multiple devices.
  • Tax – Set tax rate and whether to charge tax
  • Vouchers – Setup vouchers to provide $ amount or % discounts with voucher codes, number of uses, amount available etc.
  • Seasons – setup date ranges to be used in costings (e.g. Peak Season, School holidays etc.)
  • Email & SMS Templates – Customisable templates for all Emails and SMS including placeholders for customer and booking information
  • Staff Allocation – calculate number of staff required each day from the number of animals in house + reception hours
  • Feature Requests – Built-in system for you, our customers to make feature requests and vote on the suggestions. We build most of the most popular requests.


  • AccountingXero Online Accounting – complete integration – synchronising customers, invoices, payments, overpayments, credit notes, link back from xero to the relating customer records. Other accounting packages coming in the future.
  • Bulk Email/NewslettersMailchimp – synchronise customers from Pet Manager to MailChimp. Mailchimp handles sending the newsletters, unsubscribe etc.
  • Online Payments – receive online payments through Stripe – all transactions are automatically recorded in Pet Manager
  • SMS – integrated SMS system – purchase a pack of SMS Credits and send SMS directly through Pet Manager
  • API (Application Programming Interface) – coming soon!
  • Website – Integrate our website widget directly into your website

Online Booking / Website Widget

  • Customers can book directly on your chosen website page (doesn’t open a new window)
  • Customers can register and add their customer details
  • Customers can check availability (and pen types if applicable) for the dates they require
  • Customers can add and edit pet information
  • Customers can add booking notes
  • Many more features coming soon…


  • Powerful automatic cost calculator – set costs based on your specific rules (e.g. any combination of animal size, sex, breed, nature; seasons – public holidays, school holidays; length of stay; customer type; location (multi-site) and a lot more
  • Charge additional for checkout after a certain time (e.g. charge for final day if checkout time is after 10am)
  • Add normal bookings and Split Bookings (pet moves pens during stay)
  • AM/PM – select to record time for checkin/checkout or simply an AM or PM option as per your requirements.
  • Multiple animals in a single pen or different pens (e.g. cat and dog in same booking)
  • Standard extras – apply to single date or multiple dates – mark as complete when done (e.g. hydro bath, flea/tick prevent, additional walks)
  • Booking Linked extras – link to dates of booking and add/remove automatically if booking is lengthened/shortened (e.g. administering medication for $2/day)
    Consolidate invoices together to make simpler for customers to read (payments brought forward)
  • Customised booking deposits for seasons, time periods or all bookings – send invoice for deposit amount, record when deposit due, overdue or paid
  • Manual and Automatic (if required) emails at every stage of booking – new bookings, updated bookings, welcome email (7 days prior), checkins, checkout, website bookings, payment and more
  • Manual and Automatic (if required) SMS reminders for checkin, checkout and more.
  • Full customisable templates for each of the above emails and SMS with placeholders that automatically insert customer, pet and booking information
  • Log of all Emails and SMS sent
  • Pet Postcards – send customer an email with details of the animal’s stay at your pet resort
  • Terms and conditions – either print out and record as signed or sign digitally on tablet etc.
  • Record personal items (e.g. chew toy, blanket) and Booking notes
  • Print and record signature or digitally sign Terms and Conditions on tablet/phone
  • Print Detailed Pen sheet with: Pet Details, Booking details, Alerts, notes, dietary, medical, vet, emergency contact and a customisable pen sheet table for daily rounds

Kennel Software


  • Checkin/Checkout Reports – today and other days
  • In House Report – current booking guests & report with graph, details and totals
  • Dietary Report – feeding for pets in house
  • Medical Report – Medical information for pets in house
  • Booking Deposits Report – See all bookings with a deposit requirement, due, overdue and due in less than 2 days
  • Taxi Pickups/Dropoffs Reports – full details including pet info & address for pickup/dropoff and ability to complete when done
  • Moving Today Report – See which pets who have split bookings need to move pens today
  • Occupancy Report – with graph, details and totals
  • Financial Report – detailed financial information for selected date range
  • Balance Report – invoice details for bookings within a selected date range
  • Customer Invoice Report – invoice details for invoices within a selected date range
  • Breeds, Genders and Customer Types Reports – details and totals for selected date range
  • Invoiced Items, Items to Invoice, Payments Reports – details and totals for selected date range
  • Mailing List Export – export customer contact details for Christmas cards etc.

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