5 Important Considerations Pet Resort
So you’ve selected your holiday destination and accommodation. Remember how hard that was! Deciding between the B&B or the Spa, Maybe just a motel or hotel so you can spend money on fun activities.
Well when it comes to choosing the perfect holiday destination for your pet you might find yourself scratching your head for a second time.
Yes – Dogs and Cats now get their own Pet Resorts, Bed & Breakfasts, Doggie Spas of course traditional Pet Boarding. No matter what you select there are many important considerations when making your decision. So here is a short list of 5 things to look for when selecting the perfect Pet Resort for your pet.

1. Quality & Number of Staff

It is vitally important that Staff at the facility you select are properly trained. Not only in customer service but more importantly that they are well trained and experienced in animal behaviour and animal care. Experienced staff can communicate well with the animals and know how to deal with potential problems before they arise such as recognizing behaviour problems and agression. Depending on the size of the facility there may be senior and junior staff. It is important that the Kennel or Cattery has experienced staff as the Senior members of the team as in any effective business. Another consideration here is the ratio of staff to animals. There is no golden number here for the ratio but there should certainly be enough staff to provide all of the animals with the care they need and deserve. We suggest you visit the Kennel or Cattery and chat to the staff about the culture and training while touring the facility.

2. Cleanliness

A clean home is a happy one and the same applies to Kennels and Catteries. The Pet Resort you select should be noticeably clean and nice smelling. Proper sanitation procedures prevents the spread of contagious diseases and with a quite a few animals in a smaller area this becomes very important. Regular removal of fecal matter from all kennels, suites, private rooms and runs is an important factor here. Again an inspection of the facilities you are considering is the best way to confirm the cleanliness of your chosen Pet Accommodation.

Kennel Exercise Options3. Exercise Options

You know it yourself – if you are cooped up in an office all day you just don’t feel your best. Even a short jog or 30 minutes at the gym can change your day. Young animals in particular can be balls of energy and they need an outlet in order to stay happy during this period of time in an environment they may not be accustomed to. Having a good size grassy run for dogs is very important. Most dogs relish the chance to run and socialise with other dogs. Cats are more content with smaller spaces but they still benefit from a good size area to explore. A pet boarding facility with good outdoor areas (and maybe even a pool!) could be a great choice.

3. Location

Would you like the beachfront suite or the garden villa madame? Pet Boarding facilities (and particularly Kennels) are often away from built up areas simply due to the noise created by having numerous animals housed together. Therefore you may find that you have to drive a short way to get to your nearest facility. This is not a bad thing because often times it also means your pet has more room to run in open space and can enjoy clean air and a relaxed environment. Also consider that if you are in a more built up area then there are probably several options within a 10-20km radius. Take a look in google at the surrounding suburbs or maybe your area e.g. North Side Brisbane. You could even choose a resort that is location along the way from your home to the airport. Your pet will simply love the fact that you spent hours finding the perfect holiday accommodation for them!

5. Reviews & Word of Mouth

Nothing makes a pet resort more appealing that a whole bunch of customers waxing lyrical about their pet’s wonderful boarding experience. Throw in a few five star ratings and it looks even better. These ratings could be on the Pet Resort’s website or even better – on Facebook or on their Google Business Page. Well actually, there is one thing that would be more appealing and that is a recommendation from a friend, relative or work colleague. If it is someone you know you can trust and they simply love the a certain resort then you should certainly consider that option.


Well that a wrap. These 5 things to consider are pretty intuitive and you were probably groaning the whole way through. If that is the case then you are certain to find the perfect Pet Resort this holiday season!